Tom served for over 30 years in the Parachute Regiment with 1 Para, the Pathfinders and the Red Devils Freefall Team. He has completed seven operational tours, including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time with the Pathfinders he served as a Patrol Commander and Forward Air Controller in specialised teams behind enemy lines. He is a qualified Tandem Freefall Instructor, Jungle Warfare Instructor and Helicopter Fast Rope and Abseil Instructor. He has completed over 4500 jumps to date, including numerous HALO and HAHO jumps.


Kevin served over 15 years with the Metropolitan Police Force serving in a number of roles. He was Method of Entry (MOE) trained and also served as a dog handler for the majority of his service. He specialised as a Trojan Dog Handler supporting Specialist Firearms Officers as they carried out armed operations across London and the Home Counties. He also worked a specialist search dog providing support to other high profile Met Units. He is a trained Risk Assessor and has vast experience on the Hills and Mountains.



Lyndon Rees is a one of three company directors at First In Events, where Lyndon plays a direct role in delivering a range of military and non military themed events. Lyndon has worked for the Royal Navy serving with the Royal Marine Reserves in the 90’s. He currently runs a successful business in project management. Lyndon has also worked for Mid and West Wales fire and rescue, where with only 7 months service received a letter of commendation from the Chief fire officer of mid and West Wales for his professionalism. He also participates in ultra marathons and triathlons. Other passions include shooting and motorsports.